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Enrollment Application 

Welcome new parents and thank you for considering us to take the absolute best care of your child. Here you will find our application. Please complete the entire application. Once compete we will notify you on your start date. If you have any issues give us a call (215) 917-9163 and we will be glad to help you. Thanks again.



What are my next steps?

You will be notified of how much your copay is if any and the day you start care. The day you start you will be asked to complete the following to officially start care:

  • Agreement form

  • Emergency contact form

  • Health Form (due 30 days from the first day of care)

  • CACFP form (meal program form).

What should I bring for my child?

You will have to bring daily needs for your child:

Under Age 3

  • diapers

  • wipes

  • sippy cup/bottle (infant)

  • 2 changes of clothes

  • blanket

  • (Infant) pack-n-play

Ages 3 and Older

  • 2 changes of clothes (according to season)

  • blanket

  • notebook (during school year ages 3-5)